BUFFALO, N.Y. — New data from the United States Census Bureau shows a continued decline in the Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls region. The information was part of the census bureau's annual population estimate. 

The information was calculated using the information from the previous census in 2010 and then adding the number of births minus deaths and then adding migrations to an area. 

In 2010 the population was estimated at 1,135,622. The estimated population as of June 1, 2018, is 1,130,152. 

2 On Your Side went to Mayor Byron Brown to ask about the decrease in people. Mayor Brown did not comment on the reason why the population was decreasing but he did say that he believed the increasing amount of development in the city would draw people in and keep them in the area. 

"We're gonna continue to push development in the city of Buffalo, job creation in every single section of the city of Buffalo and we're confident that, that will attract residents, new residents, to our community," he told 2 On Your Side. 

Mayor Brown has also been making a push for more people to fill out the census in 2020. He wants people to be aware that the next Census will rely heavily on online responses. 

Brown told 2 On Your Side that he's confident the new "Buffalo Count Us In 2020" campaign will result in a more accurate reflection of the population. 

"This census period we might actually see the first increase in population in the city of Buffalo since the nineteen fifty census period which is why a complete and accurate count is so critical for the city of Buffalo, the county of Erie and the State of New York," he said. 

The raw population estimates from the United States Census Bureau can be found here

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