BUFFALO, N.Y. - The first federal probe into sex abuse in the church has hit the Buffalo Diocese.

U.S. District Attorneys office has served subpoenas into seven dioceses in Pennsylvania and the diocese here in Buffalo.

Bishop Richard Malone has been under intense scrutiny in recent months for how he handled allegations of sexual abuse in the church.

Several lawmakers, deacons, and members of the Catholic community are now calling for his resignation.

The Diocese of Buffalo provided 2 On Your Side with the following statement:

"Several months ago, we received a call from the local U.S. Attorney’s office with a request to review documents. A subpoena was provided and after some discussion, an agreement was reached to produce documents. We have heard nothing since early June. As far as we know, our response has nothing to do with the current Pennsylvania investigation that has just begun."

At some point, some of these documents were surrendered. It is believed this action is a follow-up to the shocking report outlining some 1,000 people abused over a 70-year period, and that church officials, including bishops, worked to cover-up the abuses.