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GPS technology will be used on Buffalo snow plows

New technology will be used to improve better plow plans

BUFFALO, N.Y. — New GPS technology will be used on plow trucks in the City of Buffalo to improve snow removal.

The GPS will be used for local residents to view and see online what streets have be cleared in the City of Buffalo.

Plowing has been an on going issue in the City of Buffalo making it hard for residents to commute.

"I think one of the biggest things that I know was a problem that we've talked about a lot is the parking on the streets," said Nathan Marton, the Department of Publics works commissioner. "So we had some issues with parking and not being able to move cars, and those situations really created a log jam for our plows they're big vehicles, to try to get down some of those streets.

"So I think from our perspective, being open to communicating with all the residents. You know, we really need to be following some of those parking regulations and changing sides of the street to help the city effectively plow."  

The new commissioner will present the plan to the Buffalo Common Council on Tuesday for approval.


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