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Buffalo Common Council calls for updates to city's snow removal plan

"If Thursday is a repeat of what we've had it's not going to look good for us," said Buffalo Common Councilman, Rasheed Wyatt.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — During Tuesday's virtual Buffalo Common Council Committee meeting, Councilman Joe Golombek hosted a forum to discuss the city's snow removal plan with DPW Commissioner Michael Finn.

During the January 17 snow event, the City of Buffalo saw nearly 18 inches of snowfall. 

Many people contacted 2 On Your Side frustrated with the city's snow removal effort, complaining that it took 24 to 48 hours for plows to clear side streets while main roads were clear.

With another forecast of 9 to 12 inches of snow expected for Thursday, council members wanted reassurance that efforts are underway to improve the plan.

"If Thursday is a repeat of what we've had it's not going to look good for us," said Buffalo Common Council member, Rasheed Wyatt.

Concerns were brought up about buried bus stops and fire hydrants, timely plowing of dead-end streets and side streets, and the need for better communication with residents about clean-up efforts. 

"We need to listen to residents I know you need a snow plan, but you need to snow plan with the residents," said Buffalo resident, Gwendolyn.

Finn told lawmakers that the current plan focuses on an average of 10 inches of snowfall. He said crews experienced challenges two weeks ago because of how fast the snow fell and people not following alternate parking regulations.

Councilmember Rasheed Wyatt asked for a timeline for when they could see a revised snow removal plan to accommodate more snow, Finn said they will work on it but did not give a time frame.

"Regarding the snow plan, you guys are inundated. but we need some type of timeline to get a revised plan we've had such an outpouring of frustration from people for us to move from this meeting and not to have anything, I don't think it's going to sit well with folks especially depending on what happens on Thursday," said Wyatt.

2 On Your Side asked Finn after the meeting when changes could be expected following this meeting.

"The Committee Chair Councilmember Golombek asked that we come back in two weeks and discuss further that will be the next update that we have," said Finn.


Commissioner Finn and Mayor Byron Brown are urging City of Buffalo residents to follow posted parking regulations.

"I ask Buffalo residents and workers to follow all the posted parking regulations which will allow our plowing crews to clear streets more efficiently, and help our first responders do their critical work,” Mayor Brown said.

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