BUFFALO, N.Y. — For more than 30 years, the Faith Bible Tabernacle Church in Buffalo has been giving out hundreds of backpacks full of school supplies to kids in need.

It also gives out clothing and food to the people who need it.

That event happened on Saturday. Those packs are made per grade level, so it's tailored to the students who get them.

"There's nothing like seeing a child or a student come and be able to pick which backpack, which color they want. 'I want purple, I want black, I want gray, I want ...' whatever." Pastor Darrell Fairer of the Faith Bible Tabernacle Church said.

"And the smiles and to see their eyes light up, because they have the ability to look at hundreds of backpacks and pick whichever one they want based upon their grade."

There were 500 backpacks given out during Saturday's event.

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