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Buffalo Bills fans young, old excited for divisional playoff game

Buffalo Bills fans remember the glory days and new fans are experiencing a first playoff win.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Bills fans are hyped about the team's success. 

"I feel like I need to have a defibrillator with me when I watch the game because I have heart palpitations like everybody else, it's intense."

Maddy Lenhard is 20 and never experienced her hometown team winning playoff games. 

"I remember nothing. I wasn't even alive," she said while laughing.

Derrick Norman and Richard Peterson are the chefs in the stands at every game. 

"It means everything," Peterson said. "We've been down so long that you know the fans are just ready to burst on the scene."

Season tickets go back to 1960 for Dr. Todd Shatkin. When the Bills went to their first Super Bowl he had a decision to make. 

"My twins were born like a few weeks before and I had to leave her (wife) to go the Super Bowl that's how much I was a Bills fan," Shatkin said.

Tears rolled down his son's face after last week's win.

Now everyone is pumped for Baltimore. 

"It's time to pay the Bills now let's go pay the Bills, let's do what we gotta do," said the chefs.


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