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Buffalo anti-violence groups get state funding boost

$219,000 will go to the Stop The Violence Coalition and the Buffalo Peacemakers.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — As Buffalo deals with a rise in violent crime, two community groups that are trying to work to deal with the root causes of it are getting money from the state.

A group of state lawmakers announced the funding Tuesday that will go to Stop The Violence Coalition, which is getting $65,000, and the Buffalo Peacemakers, which is getting $154,000.

The Stop The Violence Coalition unites different community groups to intervene in conflicts before they lead to injuries or death, and works with youth who are in trouble with the law through schools and community centers.

The Buffalo Peacemakers works to mediate conflicts in the community and intervene with kids involved in gangs or at risk of doing so and helps discourage violence after school while helping kids get home safely.

Both groups say the additional funding will help them cover more neighborhoods and reach more people in their missions.