BUFFALO, N.Y. — Four-year-old Alex Tingley is battling a form of leukemia, but on Tuesday he got to think about something else -- his new puppy Blue. 

"Nothing could beat the smile he had when I walked in that door and that's what it's all about," said Cherie Pidcoe, a representative with an organization called PuppySpot. 

Pidcoe traveled all the way from Florida to hand-deliver Alex his dog. 

"When you have a child so young, and such a fighter, you wanna keep that fight and you wanna keep those wishes for him to keep coming," she said.

The mastermind behind the plan is Alex's grandma Deborah McLaughlin. 

She's the one who reached out to PuppySpot to share Alex's story.

"Alex, he's just adorable and I want him to have everything. I want him to have anything. This is a hard thing and just to watch their family go through it and just to see them have some joy, it means a lot to me," McLaughlin said.

After all, a cancer diagnosis impacts the entire family and Blue should give everyone a reason to smile.

"It kind of helps you not think about it for a minute and just almost feel normal," explained Katie Tingley, Alex's mother.

Alex's brother Owen added, "Actually, I'm most excited about seeing it sniff around and get used to it's home."

The Tingley's know the journey ahead is a difficult one, but now Alex will have a friend by his side each step of the way. 

"There's moments that have been hard but I mean he's just been amazing. He's a really true inspiration," Katie said.


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