BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A viewer recently sent 2 On Your Side a photo of a Buffalo SUV driving north on Delaware Avenue with a magnetic bumper sticker that reads "VOTE NO this November on a state constitutional convention."

At first glance, it definitely appears to be a problem, because the sticker is clearly a political statement on an official Buffalo Police Department vehicle.

A Buffalo Police spokesperson confirmed it does make a statement, and the bumper sticker is "against departmental policy".

The commissioner ordered each district chief to inspect the fleet and make sure there were no unauthorized stickers on BPD vehicles.

He also said police are continuing to look into this specific incident.

2 On Your Side tracked the bumper sticker to the police union.

The sticker is found right on the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association's website. The site goes on to say, "Our best chances to maintain our way of life is to rally all the present public sector's employees to vote NO." It continues, saying you can pick up a free bumper sticker and if you have one: "Put it on your car. If you need one, stop down to our office and pick one up."

It's assumed the stickers are meant for members' personal cars, but the Police Benevolent Association never returned requests for comment.

So why advocate against a constitutional convention?

Public sector unions say, a convention could jeopardize their pensions and their right to collective bargaining. Supporters say re-writing the convention is the only way to force ethics reform and give more power to localities, instead of Albany.

The governor is also on board.

"We need a citizen government relation reboot," Governor Cuomo said. "This is the time to do it, and the constitutional convention could be the vehicle to do it."

The latest poll shows that half of New Yorkers support a constitutional convention, although 1 in 5 are still unsure. Over the coming months, expect all sides in this heated debate to try to influence your vote, though T.V. ads, mailers, even bumper stickers.