BUFFALO, NY - Dozens gathered along Bidwell Parkway, at the corner of Elmwood Avenue, for a rally supported by Black Lives Matter Wednesday evening.

The rally was organized by a group of college students from UB, Daeman and Buff State. They created a Facebook page, to generate attention for the rally. Organizers say the rally spreading peace -- will embrace the message of the national Black Lives Matter movement and its chapter in Buffalo.

Duncan Kirkwood is a member of Black Lives Matter Buffalo. He believes it's important to continue the discussion of creating more equality in the African American community. And, that the rally will be a time to clear up some misconceptions.

"The Black Lives Matter movement is not about violence, in any way, we don't condone violence at all," he said.

For example, many on social media, have gotten the perception that Black Lives Matter was connected to the deadly police shooting in Dallas last week.

"In light of the recent instances, some people have used that as a catalyst, to label Black Lives Matter as a hate group or a terrorist group and that's not what it is," Kirkwood said.

One day after a vigil was held in Niagara Square, which brought people together to honor lives lost in recent acts of violence, Kirkwood believes the rally can be a time for healing as well.

"[The rally] from my understanding from the organizers, they said they want police to come, they want police to speak their mind, they want the public to speak their mind," Kirkwood said.

From rallies that've been held around WNY since the Dallas shooting nearly a week ago, that's exactly what's happened.

"We're seeing people come together and not be divided and so, in Buffalo especially, I think that's a powerful message," Kirkwood said.

And, that's what organizers say they think can help heal and ease fears -- is by talking, learning from one another. The rally, which was scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. will feature multiple speakers from the community. The rally is open to the public.