BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone spoke one-on-one with Channel 2 for the first time since the Child Victim's Act went into effect. While Malone has addressed the media in a press conference and a recorded video, he has been unavailable for one-on-one interviews with 2 On Your Side until Sunday.

Malone was at the Holy Angels Catholic Church on Porter Avenue in Buffalo on Sunday morning to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month; it's a service Malone has never missed since arriving in Buffalo. The bishop received a standing ovation at the service and afterwards he stopped to talk with 2 On Your Side about that and other issues.

"They know how to celebrate in particular of course today with all of the very negative media, press around me, to feel the warm welcome and the affirmation of these folks, which was a surprise to me and spontaneous," Malone said. "Well, it wasn't a surprise, I didn't know it was coming, was very encouraging."

Organizers of the mass say the the standing ovation was a show of support for the Bishop.

Malone added, "I do feel a deep obligation and also a desire even in this difficult climate to continue with our other leaders laity and deacons to work this through and lead us. This is a situation that has been tragic for victims for 50 or 60 years, and you know, the only way to move beyond that is to do it together. So I just want to be here be part of that happening."

In recent weeks, there have been a number of calls for the Bishop to resign, both from the Movement to Restore Trust and from priests. Bishop Malone said at a press conference that he has no plans to resign.

Here is the full interview with Malone:

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