LACKAWANNA, NY - A local man who seems to keep making headlines is at it again this week.

Tristan Lambright, also known as the Bills streaker, was just awarded by PETA for rescuing a cat that had been stuck in a tree in Lackawanna for nine days.

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Bills streaker rescues cat stuck in tree

The "Compassionate Action Award" is on its way to Lambright, says PETA, after he went out of his way to rescue the cat after noticing on Facebook that no one else was willing to help.

Watch the video of the rescue here:

"When Tristan Lambright saw that his unique skills could save a cat from a deadly predicament, he jumped right in to help," says PETA Vice President Colleen O'Brien. "PETA hopes his bravery and kindness will inspire people everywhere to take action when animals are in danger."