BUFFALO, NY - This summer, a new bike sharing service is expected to be launched in Buffalo.

Where could bikes for rent be seen across the city?

The service is something Jennifer White of Reddy Bikeshare has been working on constantly.

"People are really excited about this, there couldn't be a better time for bike sharing to come to Buffalo than right now, we are feeling that people are going to embrace this," White said.

Bike sharing services can be seen in dozens of cities across the country -- allowing riders to rent bikes for cheap, head to their destination and return the bike. Reddy Bikeshare is modeled after a service that's been at UB for several years. The group has been scouting out spots across Buffalo, to find out where bikesharing locations could go.

Since Canalside is booming, the waterfront is a possible location for Reddy Bikeshare. So is City Hall, the science museum, Delaware Park, and it might be tight on space with all the traffic, but Lafayette Square is also a place Reddy Bikeshare is looking at to station bikes.

"They're destinations that people normally drive, people bike and walk, this is going to provide another alternative," White said.

But, Reddy Bikeshare can't just setup shop anywhere. Common Council on Tuesday is scheduled to vote on whether to approve a license for the service, so it can operate in the city. If the license is approved, the city and Reddy Bikeshare need to work out which locations will offer bikes.

"We have done research that has indicated what a bunch of feasible locations would be, we've been consulting with local advocacy groups," White said.

They've also been listening to people online on Reddy Bikeshare's website -- where anyone can comment on where they'd like to see a bikesharing location.

"We're seeing votes case citywide," White said.

The bikes themselves are unique -- calculating calories burned, mileage and how much carbon dioxide is not going into to atmosphere.

So, there's no official date at this point, on when the service is expected to be launched, however Reddy Bikeshare believes it can get up and running sometime this summer.

Memberships are $100 for access to the bikes for three years and then one cent per minute when you ride. An annual membership is $55. In this plan, riders pay a penny a minute as well.

if you're in town for a day or two, It costs $8.50, and this is good for a month -- it then costs six cents per minute.