BUFFALO, N.Y. — Jeff Wabick says he begins each day by looking at a snapshot on his phone. 

"I was given this mountain, to show others it can be moved."

He ways it reminds him of his goal and his purpose.  

Jeff was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 2012.  In 2014 he founded a team in the annual MS bike ride called the "Great Lake Escape."

"It's just changed my thought process and what the value of this ride means to me and certanly we're out to raise money and hopefully find a cure for MS."

As of Friday morning, Jeff's team, "Miles for MS" had raised more than $23,000, and for the six years they've taken part, more than $107,000. 

"I just think of all the people that I help and all the people that surround me that are in this... and if they're in it, I'm in it too."

Bike MS

Jeff is a former record setting salesman, who still works for West Herr.  He says the challenge to ride is greater each year, and with safety in mind, this year will ride a tandem bike with one of West Herr's owners Bill Loecher. 

"There's a lot more precautions that I need to take, but I'm still out there riding my bike and I'm the captain of our team and this team has been unbelievably supportive."

Wabick says he knows he's far from alone, and the numbers tell a disturbing story in Western New York.  The National MS Society says diagnosis rates are close to double the national average here, and that close to 3400 people live with MS in the greater Buffalo area. 

Wabick says he remains determined to "move the mountain" one mile at a time.

"I always said to people don't tell me I can't do something."

The "Great Lake Escape" leaves Evangola State Park Saturday morning (8/10) and features routes from 15 to 62 miles. 

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