BUFFALO, N.Y. — Grungie, a nearly 20-year-old spotted hyena at the Buffalo Zoo, recently got a clean bill of health after his annual physical.

A hyena physical is no easy task, mainly because of their powerful jaws and extremely sharp teeth. Grungie was sedated and intubated for his comfort and safety... and the safety of the veterinarian and staff.

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They drew blood, gave any required vaccines, and checked his body from nose to tail.

Most hyenas live to be about 12 years old, but Grungie is well past that so he is susceptible to things like arthritis and problems with this teeth. The vet pays extra close attention to his mouth and joints to make sure they are in good working order.

Grungie is native to Africa and has one of the most powerful bites in all of the animal kingdom. His teeth can crush bones, which are a big part of his diet. He also eats about 2 1/2 pounds of meat each day.

While Grungie was getting his physical, his female parter, Taz, was anxiously awaiting his return to their shared habitat. They two have mated previously, and their offspring is at the Denver Zoo.