BUFFALO, NY — A new type of yellow journalism has swept the nation and taken on a life of its own in meme form: "Fake News."

However, Buffalo Association of Black Journalists focused a portion of its luncheon Saturday on the importance of getting things right in the news with so much intentionally fake news making its way around.

The event, "Journalism in the Age of Fake News: Is the News Still For You?" coincided with the presentation of the 2017 Carl R. Allen Memorial Scholarship.

Inside Edition senior correspondent Les Trent was the keynote speaker.

"We as journalists have to be right all the time," Trent said. "Because when you're wrong, those who believe that we are fake news have more ammunition. And so we have to be extra vigilant in everything, everything we report. "

2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing emceed Saturday's event.