Hamburg, NY — The recent reports that two dogs were hurt by animal traps in town park areas has Hamburg town officials removing the traps and reviewing policies.

Jon Mugel says the left front paw of his black Lab pup Cinnamon is healing. But he remembers what it was like when he found her Feb. 7 caught in the metal jaws of this unlabeled animal trap near the town's public golf course. That's also near the Taylor Road Park where we saw visiting school children today.

Mugel says "After about five minutes I was able to get her out and went to the vet for an X-ray. It was a compression. Luckily she's healing she's fine."

But Mugel says he's also upset that he warned the town almost immediately but then learned of another dog hurt two days later in a trap near the same location. He wants the town to make sure it does not happen again. Although he does acknowledge that his dog was unleashed despite a sign in the park which requires it, 2 on Your Side asked, "Does the fact that it's posted that dogs must be leashed counter your concern?

Mugel replied, "No because it's still near a public area and I'm worried about kids and other animals and I'm not so sure trapping is the best practice."

Town Supervisor James Shaw says there was an earlier concern about coyotes near the golf course but now, "Until we get some information and talk this through I don't want any more trapping."

Reporter: "Do you think it's possible there are any traps there now?"

Shaw: "No. I think it was done by a foreman for the golf course who brought in a friend to do the trapping because of the coyotes. But now we want to make sure if we do it we follow the law with a licensed trapper."

Shaw says he's aware animal rights groups may challenge the Town on trapping. This issue surfaced this past week at a board meeting then came up on Facebook That's why Shaw wants guidance & guarantees.

The state DEC has no reports on this incident but does investigate such cases. And by law, all traps must carry the trapper's ID.