BUFFALO, N.Y. — Andy Dalton was honored Saturday in Buffalo.

The Cincinnati Bengals' quarterback has played a unique roll in Bills history, throwing the touchdown pass against the Baltimore Ravens that ended the Bills' playoff drought.

Dalton received the Call to Courage Award after money poured into his foundation, and he gave part of that money to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

"You can see all the award winners, you see how just recognized those guys are, and getting to know a lot of those winners, you can see just their character," Dalton said. "The thing that they keep talking about is being courageous and every single one of those guys is courageous. And so, I just feel honored to even be, to be recognized and to be able to sit up here and accept the award."

Shayne Harrington, a senior quarterback and linebacker at Newfane, also received the High School Call to Courage Award.


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