AMHERST, N.Y. -- The Amherst Town Board voted unanimously Monday night to hire an outside law firm to explore options for the former Westwood County Club on Sheridan Drive and North Forest Road.

Mensch Capital Partners developed a plan back in 2014 to re-zone 146 acres of land to be developed into residential, commercial and retail space. The plan has never been approved.

Monday night, the town board voted to use an attorney to help process the application for the privately-owned property.

"...Making sure that all the things that need to be thought of as you're going through this massive development are being thought of, and all the legal avenues are being explored," said Stanley Sliwa, Amherst Town Attorney.

Andrew Shaevel, of Mensch Capital Partners, says, "Either way there's going to be an unhappy group and they need better counsel than the current in-house counsel to resolve that."

Mensch Capital Partners say they have worked closely with the community thus far, to address the concerns over things like traffic and the amount of green space.