AMHERST, N.Y. — A Woodstock 50th anniversary party is taking place at the Town of Amherst Center for Senior Services on Saturday.

Put together by the Town of Amherst Senior Services, Youth and Recreation Department, and the Amherst Public Library, the event aims to bring together people of all ages for an afternoon of fun.

Featuring food trucks, a petting zoo, a "bring your own shirt" tie-dye sessions, craft stations for kids, a best-hippie contest and live music, Woodstock is brought back to life in Amherst.

"Our Woodstock event is a celebration of peace, music, and love," said Pamela Krawczyk, Amherst Center for Senior Services Director. "It has been designed to offer the community an intergenerational event where baby boomers can reminisce and the public can share a day filled with music, food, and activities designed for families."

The event was planned from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and participants are asked to bring non-perishable items to donate.

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