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All Lockport City Schools going remote for the rest of the week

All schools in the district will be going remote because of concerns from parents and to provide the district with time to plan further safety measures.

LOCKPORT, N.Y. — All schools in the Lockport City School District will be going to remote learning starting Wednesday through Friday because of recent social threats targeting the high school. This affects pre-K through grade 12.

The Lockport Police Department posted the announcement on Facebook Tuesday afternoon, saying the district was going remote because of concerns from parents throughout the district and to give the school district time to prepare and implement further safety measures. The remote time would also allow for local law enforcement to continue their investigation. 

Further updates to parents, employees, and families may be provided as permitted by law, the Lockport Police said.

A decision will be made Friday afternoon about how the school will proceed next week. 

Lockport High School went to remote learning on Tuesday, the third altering to its schedule in two weeks because of social media threats. 

Holly Hubert is a cybersecurity expert and owner of GlobalSecurityIQ. "To the extent that you can control the student's behavior, I think you can get your arms around it, but I don't believe school districts in WNY or around the country one bit for closing down it's absolutely the right thing to do. You have to take every single threat seriously. and we've shown in the United States in the last year with COVID-19  that remote learning is not ideal but it can work."