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Alden High School Creates Student-Led Tech Teaching Team

Students have become the teachers at Alden High School. The ATLAS team is helping solve tech problems for their peers and the teachers.

You've probably heard of the "Geek Squad" or Apple's "Genius Bar," but Alden High School students have started a tech help desk of their own.

They've dubbed themselves the ATLAS team. It's made up of about 25 students who rotate shifts through the school day to answer tech questions their peers or teachers might have.

The students had to interview for a spot on this tech troubleshooting team. They get school credit for being a part of the team.

The ATLAS team's home base is in the high school library, but they go on "ATLAS missions" to different classrooms and to the middle school to help students and teachers. 

One student called the ATLAS team the first line of defense for tech support. He said it's a great way to help with smaller issues so the school's small tech department isn't inundated with questions that can be easily answered.

So far, work-based learning has been a hit with students and teachers. 

"I think we need to take our own initiative, and it transfers from teachers pushing you to learn to students wanting to learn," said senior Samantha Bizub. 

School officials say they've seen a boost in attendance and morale among the students who participate on the team.

"The students have embraced it. They are eager to do this sort of adventure. They're doing a great job," said teacher Allen Turton.

The ATLAS team is also conducting surveys to gauge student interest and help develop new curriculum for the future.