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Albion Middle School students complete colorful mural at Bullard Park

The students spent three days painting their masterpiece, but they were part of the weeks-long planning and design process too.

ALBION, N.Y. — A once drab and graffiti-covered concrete wall is now home to a colorful new mural, thanks to some talented middle school students in Albion. 

A village official reached out to the school to see if students could help spruce up the park with a painting. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders turned the back of a utility building into their giant canvas. They designed and painted the artwork with the help of their teachers.

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"They just redid the walking trail around the park, and they had this building that people walk by. They wanted a little bit of sunshine and something interesting to look at while you're walking by," said art teacher Kamie Feder.

They met after school to come up with designs and attended board meetings to get their plans approved. In the end, they decided on a brightly-colored flower mural. The school district purchased paint and other supplies for the project.

"Their excitement makes me happy. I like to just take a step back and watch them make it their own," said Feder.

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Many of the students create their own smaller works of art at home or in the classroom, but painting on such a large scale was different than what they're used to.

"It is a bit weird painting, but since I like new experiences it's also really fun," said seventh-grader Cerenity Johnson.

"This was one of my first times painting, and it's fun. Just like coloring," added sixth-grader Drake Schomske.

With plenty of teamwork, several gallons of paint, and a lot of creativity and talent, the student completed the mural in about three days. They hope it becomes a destination like others across Western New York.

"Just to see the bright colors and think wow somebody painted this! A whole group of kids painted this," said eighth-grader Hanna Kumalac."If I see a picture of our mural, I'll be like oh my god. That's us!"

The project is a big accomplishment for the kids and something they and their teachers can be proud of.

"I hope the community comes by and appreciates the hard work that middle school kids have put into this," said Feder.

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