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Akron 10-year-old to compete in the American Cup for roller skating

It's the same as the world's competitions held for other sports -- a tier under the Olympics. Hannah Witkowski will head to Florida for the competition in January.

LOCKPORT, N.Y. — Hannah Witkowski was only six when she was skating at the Rainbow Skateland in Lockport.  

It's where she was recruited for artistic roller skating, and four years later, she's getting the chance of a lifetime.

"I actually saw her skating here (at the roller rink) during a session while I was working and I was like she has something," said coach Alyssa Kolacz. "I was like I have to have her in my club."

It didn't take much convincing.  

"I like it because one, it's not very common so it's like 'hey, I roller skate. what? what?'" Witkowski said. 

Witkowski, now 10, has been working with Kolacz and the Rainbow Skating Club ever since.

She just did very well at Nationals earlier this month -- getting two bronze medals and one silver. 

"It's awesome. I never expected I'd get this far," Witkowski said. 

Witkowski has now qualified for the American Cup down in Florida in January. 

It's the same as the world's competitions held for different sports -- a tier under the Olympics.

"I've never screamed louder in my entire life," Kolacz said. 

It doesn't come without some nerves.

"Yeah, I've never been to this one," Witkowski said. 

She certainly makes a sport that's been around for a while look easy. 

"I want to say it's been around for hundreds of years," Kolacz said. 

It's all because of the most important quality an athlete can have. 

"She always says determination. I'm always determined Ms. Alyssa, I'm determined. There's a little, tiny circle that they have to really bend into and get around and have that determination like Hannah always says," Kolacz said. 

Now Witkowski could use a little of that from her community to make her hometown even more proud. 

"Florida in itself is just expensive and usually a lot of places will raise prices around that time when they know a big competition is coming," Kolacz said. 

If you'd like to donate to Witkowski's journey to Florida, you can donate here. 



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