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ADM filed demolition and safety plans with Buffalo, city confirms

Further evidence that ADM is moving forward with plans to demolish the Great Northern Elevator, detailed plans have been filed with the city of Buffalo.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — 2 On Your Side had learned that ADM has submitted demolition and safety plans to the city of Buffalo. This submission moves the process of tearing down the Great Northern Elevator one step closer to reality. 

WGRZ reached out to the Division of Permits and Inspections to review the documents but was told we would need to file a freedom of information law request to obtain them. 

So we have. 

A spokesperson for the city confirmed the plans have been submitted. 

Tim Tielman from the Campaign for Greater Buffalo says they are still working on the appeal process and were in court on Wednesday. Judge Kearns, according to Thielman, said he would not revisit his July decision that lifted the temporary restraining order that prevented ADM from proceeding with demolition. 

The city and ADM were required to respond to that July decision on August 12, and did so shortly before the court closed. Thielman and the Campaign for Greater Buffalo have until August 19th to respond to the response submitted by the city and ADM. 

These back and forth response periods will ultimately lead to a September 9th hearing where Judge Kearns will issue a decision. 

In the meantime, Thielman says there is nothing preventing ADM from beginning demolition anytime they see fit. Their submission of demolition plans further indicates demolition could be imminent. 

"This is an extinction level event," Thielman told WGRZ on August 10. "It's the last grain elevator of its type, and it was the first of its type.

"But if it goes, it's gone, and there is no other one like it was not just in Buffalo, but in the world."

WGRZ reached out to ADM for comment but did not receive an immediate response.


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