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A touching moment: Bills fan scatters dad's ashes during the AFC Championship game

He's been a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs for as long as she could remember

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Kristen Kimmick is a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan, and had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City over the weekend to see her team compete against the Chiefs for a ticket to the Super Bowl. 

But for Kimmick, this was more than just a football game. 

Despite being born and raised in Depew, Kimmick's dad, Ron, has been a Chiefs fan since he was drafted for the Vietnam War and stationed in Fort Riley Kansas. 

"I would always ask him 'Why aren't you a Bills fan? Why can't we cheer for the same team together?'" Kimmick said. 

"He said 'Vietnam was scary and tough and at that time, I didn't know if I was going to come home or not, and the Bills weren't that good. If I was to go down, I wasn't going to go down rooting for a losing team,'" she said. 

Ron passed away in October of 2019 during the season the Chief's won a Lombardi Trophy. 

It was his passing which inspired Kimmick to do something very special during the game. 

"I knelt down and opened up a necklace that I had around my neck for the last year that had about half a capsule of some of my dad's ashes, so I let him out into the seat next to me so that he was physically there, but I also wanted to make sure before I left that stadium that I did that so he can be a season-ticket holder for eternity," Kimmick said. 

Kimmick said a big part of her relationship with Ron when she was growing up was football, and the friendly rivalry they had with each other. 

Now, they will share a forever bond, not just because of the love for their teams, but also their love for one another.

"I would get calls from him every time we would lose a significant game and he would be like 'Chin up, kiddo. It's coming for you guys soon.' I think he would have literally said the same thing," Kimmick said.

"I think he would have told me to just keep my head up and I think we're going to get our time soon," she said.