BUFFALO, N.Y. — Monday, we got our first look at what LaSalle Park might look like in a few years.

With $40-million from the Ralph C. Wilson, Junior Foundation, Buffalo's LaSalle Park is about to get a major makeover and a name change. Ideas for the new Ralph C. Wilson, Junior Centennial Park range from cross country skiing trails to volleyball courts.

"We had a community focus and that was a tremendous theme that we heard throughout was, you know, this is really the people's waterfront, and people really care about LaSalle as a place to celebrate the diversity of Buffalo and its different communities," says Bart Roberts, Associate Director at the U.B. Regional Institute.

The landscape architects talked about the park getting a new playground, parking spaces close to the specific activity you're going to the park for, and topography to block noise from the 190.

For a lot of people, access to the water is very important, so they want to make sure they can safely get to it for their activities.

"The extent of the wall that is there now is great for viewing, but that's all it's good for. So, the more that they can include with rock and soft edge access, I think would be a real benefit to the park," says Peter Sowiski.

The goal is for people to enjoy the park year-round. They are talking about moving the ball fields around to add more nature areas.

"The Barkyard is going into this little area here, and it's got a couple of like little legs coming out. I'm worried about dogs getting into the small areas. I think they need space to run, but overall I think it's fabulous," says Paula Kelman, Barkyard Board of Director Member.

There's another workshop in March to refine the design concepts. In May, you'll get to see a conceptual model of the park when it's put on display.