BUFFALO, NY-- There was another big step forward Tuesday for the on-going redevelopment of the former Buffalo Psychiatric Center.

A multi-million dollar donation was announced as part of a final financial push to continue restoration efforts at what is now called the Richardson Complex.

The Architectural Center at the complex will be named after the late Stan Lipsey, and his wife Judith. Lipsey was the long-time publisher of the Buffalo News, Stan Lipsey passed away November 1st at the age of 89. His estate donated $5 million to the project.

The gift marks the start of the $10 million renaissance campaign which will pay for the completion of the
seven historic buildings within the 350,000 square feet complex.

"I know right now that Stan's keeping an eye on this and he's going to help make this go forward...so thank you Stan, we appreciate all you're doing for this complex," says Assemblyman Sean Ryan (D).

Sam Hoyt, a long-time project advocate, said that the drive didn't gain any traction until Lipsey got involved. Hoyt says once that happened, then-Governor George Pataki apropraited 100 million dollars for restoration.

"Really, the politicians didn't get this done. It wasn't until Stan got involved that we made any real progress," said Hoyt of Empire State Development.

With that donation, the project is approaching the home stretch with the $88-million boutique hotel. The Henry is slated to open in April and the Architectural Resource Center should open later next year.