BUFFALO, N.Y. — The 2019 United Way Challenge is currently underway. 

United Way asks people, through their employer or on their own, to give at least $1 per week ($52/year) to benefit the United Way and its programs. 

The money goes to programs that help children reach their full potential, help families stabilize finances and help people live healthier and safer lives. 

If you do sign up to donate, you are entered into a pool to win one of 17 grand prizes, like $1,000 gift cards from either Tops or Wegmans, or tickets to Buffalo Bills games.

2 On Your Side helped deliver one of the prizes.

All you have to do is donate at least $1/week ($52/year) through your companies campaign, or you can go online at UWBEC.ORG to donate. Drawings are held weekly and you do not need to donate to be entered into the contest. For more details, go to their website: www.uwbec.org 

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