BUFFALO, N.Y. - Changing a light bulb is usually a simple task. However, it's not so simple when the bulbs are high in the air located on a busy expressway.

If your commute includes the Kensington Expressway often referred to as the 33, you may notice at night it is dark in a section where there are light poles. It's more noticeable now that it is dark during the early morning and late afternoon commute.

There are 10 light poles in a row on the expressway that are not working.

Town of Cheektowaga Highway Superintendent Mark Wegner told 2 On Your Side that all of the bulbs have been replaced along with all of the fixtures.

"We just have to get the underground wire fixed," he said. Wegner said his department was unaware of faulty underground wires before the bulbs were replaced. "We had a feeling that was one option, but we went with changing the bulbs first. Some went back on, some didn't, then we found out its the line underneath.

Wegner said the issue is beyond the expertise of his department. On November 14, the Town Board is expected to vote on hiring a sub-contractor. The price is unknown.

Wegner said his department suggested removing all of the lights on the expressway that run through the town."There's no lights on the thruway, and there's no lights on the other half of the 33, so we felt for the taxpayers, why are we paying for the lights on only half the road." The matter was no longer considered once the police department objected.

Wegner admits it's very frustrating that the lights off is a recurring issue. "It's not an excuse we've been up there," he said when asked to respond to motorists who keep hearing new dates, but continue to drive in the dark on a stretch of roadway that should be lit.

So again, we're asking when will the lights be working on the 33, Wegner said, "I don't want to say definitely this year, but I'm hoping it will be done this year."