Governor Andrew Cuomo says the legalization of recreational marijuana will not be in his budget this year due to opposition.

Some of that opposition is coming from the New York State Parent Teacher Association. The group represents parents and teacher from all across the state. 

On Tuesday, the group went to Albany to ask Governor Cuomo to rethink the legalization of recreational marijuana.

"I've seen lots of things rise from the dead in this building" New York State Parent Teacher Association Executive Director Kyle Belokopitsky said. "So, it's time that we are going to continue to push this issue."

Among many reasons, the association believes that it will send mixed messages to children, and they are not alone.

Niagara Falls Superintendent Mark Laurrie also opposes the idea.

"The legalization of it is going to make our jobs even more difficult," Laurrie said.

"It will change our ability to hire employees. Now we're talking about having a legal substance that is still banned by our policy of testing before employment at a time when it's harder and harder to find specific jobs like substitute teachers, bus drivers, bus associates."

Laurrie told 2 On Your Side that the problems would run deeper than just hiring, as the district has also noticed an increase in marijuana-related issues at Niagara Falls High School.

"We've noticed an uptick in suspensions" Laurrie said, "for the use and possession of marijuana."

If it were to pass, the district would need to reinforce that it is illegal for those younger than 21 and that it is not permitted on school property.  

Laurrie also said the district would need to hire more staff. 

"This is going to lead to the need for more counselors and more first responders and in a school district that would be a school psychologist and social workers and interventionists," he said.


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