The legal defense team for Steve Pigeon has had a busy Summer. Tuesday, attorneys for the high-powered Democratic political operative submitted a thick pile of legal motions.

Pigeon faces two counts of bribery and several other charges related to an alleged favor exchanging scheme between himself and now former State Supreme Court Judge John Michalek.

A number of the defense motions question the search warrant and the subsequent search of Pigeon's Buffalo waterfront condo in May of 2014.

One motion calls for the entire case to be dismissed claiming the search warrant was overly-broad and too friendly to investigators. Another motion protests the search of Pigeon's cellular phone, which the defense teams says was not authorized by the warrant.

The state Attorney General's office, which is prosecuting the case, has 10 days to respond in writing to the series of motions. Afterwards, the judge will rule on them.

But perhaps more interesting than the motions themselves were the attached documents. One of them was the search warrant in question. In it, it states the search is looking for evidence related to "Steve Pigeon's unlawful lobbying on behalf of Nick Sinatra".

Sinatra is a former Republican operative who is now head of Sinatra & Company, a growing real estate development company in Buffalo.

When 2 On-Your-Side reached out to Sinatra, this statement was offered on his behalf:

"While Mr. Sinatra has had previous business relationships with Steve Pigeon, he has no knowledge of Steve Pigeon lobbying on his behalf. Mr. Sinatra has no connection to the Western New York Progressive Caucus. He is not part of this investigation and has not been contacted by investigators for many months. Mr. Sinatra has never been under investigation nor does he expect to be under investigation."

Then there's another document the Pigeon defense team would like the jury not to see. It is a report of a police interview with Pigeon from August of 2008. The interview was conducted by investigators from the Erie County District's office and the FBI.

According to the report, Pigeon acknowledges he is owner of a business called Landon Associates. Named as his business partner is Roger Stone, who Pigeon reportedly describes at the, "Darth Vader of the Republican Party."

Stone is a former campaign advisor to Republican nominee Donald Trump. That role with the Trump campaign ended a year ago. But Stone remains a Trump supporter and and is reportedly in contact with the candidate regularly.