The workload is modest, as is the pay.

But, oh, the benefits.

The public service corporation that manages off-track betting operations in western and central New York provides free health insurance to its board members in exchange for showing up for meetings two days a month.

And the perks aren’t limited to health coverage.

Board members are eligible for dental and vision insurance, too.

The coverage was described by one health insurance expert as “literally the richest plan available.”

Indeed, board members have access to plans that feature a $5 copay for generic prescription drugs, a $15 copay for routine doctor visits and no copay for routine dental work.

And if board members stick around long enough, they continue to enjoy this coverage right into retirement.

All this, despite a ruling a decade ago by the state attorney general that concluded OTB operations can’t provide health insurance for their board members.

Henry Wojtaszek, president and chief executive officer of the Western Regional OTB, defends the health insurance board members enjoy on top of stipends that top out at $4,000 a year for attending meetings two days a month.

“The benefits they receive are hard-earned and well-deserved,” he said.

Wojtaszek said he wasn’t aware of the attorney general’s ruling until Investigative Post brought it to his attention and maintains it does not apply to the Western OTB.

“We’re going to ask for our own opinion from the attorney general that would be binding,” he said.

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