FREDONIA, N.Y. — A glass of clean tap water may not sound like much of a Christmas present, but for Paul Luce, it's all he's wanted.

"That’s gonna be great. I won’t be having to buy a water filter every couple of years because the thing would fill up with silt." 

For decades, Luce and his wife have been forced to live with tap water loaded with orange rust flakes. That's after it passed through a water filtering system, where the village of Fredonia water service line enters his house.

2 On Your Side first started reporting on the discolored water in some parts of the north side of the village. It's suspected that old cast iron water mains are the culprit, that over time they have corroded spewing rust in the water delivered to homes.

Today, Mayor Athanasia Landis tells 2 On Your Side all the materials for replacing the old mains has been purchased and that the contractor indicates work begins next week.

The timeline for the digging up the old mains and installing new one on a half dozen streets is about six week, if the weather cooperates.

It's believed the first street to get the repairs is James Place, where Luce lives.

Luce believes 2 On Your Side played a vital role in finally addressing this problem.

“I’d really like to thank you and Channel 2 because without you, we wouldn’t be getting this done. I’m sure of it.”