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News 2 You: The Buffalo area's first Walmart, Little Harlem Hotel fire, and one of the most heinous crimes in Canada's history

These stories mark our weekly walk back through time when all this, and more, was all News 2 You

BUFFALO, N.Y. — In this week's News 2 You"

10 Years ago this week in 2013

Amid rising concerns over concussions, a NYS Assemblyman from New York City proposed that the state should ban tackling in youth football.

It didn't go over big in Buffalo among some, including NYS Senator Tim Kennedy (D-Buffalo).

"The decision on whether we should let our kids play youth football is best left to parents, and not some downstate assemblyman who thinks he knows what's best for our youth," said Kennedy.

The bill to ban tackling in youth football continues to be re-introduced, most recently last week, a decade after it was first rebuked.

Speaking of changing the game, that same week the makers of Monopoly announced that after voting by fans from 100 countries, the cat would be introduced as a new token for the venerable board game.

This meant that another token would have to be taken off the board.

This weeks News 2 You Pop Quiz: Which token, which had been a staple of Monopoly for over 75 years, was scratched in favor of the cat after the results of voting were announced a decade ago. (For the answer, watch the conclusion of the video posted above).

That same week Danica Patrick became first woman to win the pole for the Daytona 500, and Channel 2 News did its first story ever about a student being suspended from school over a Tweet, this week in 2013.

20 years ago this week in 2003

Credit: WGRZ-TV

If you can remember shopping at B-kwik, you might also recall something new in the skies, when planes were becoming equipped with suitcase sized, phased array antennas connecting travelers to the internet.

Though it was billed as a convenience to customers, airlines expected to eventually collect billions of dollars through the fees they would impose on travelers who wished to check emails and surf the web during flights.

Back on the ground there was also new technology surfacing in the form of parental controls on internet service to allow parents to prevent children from being exposed to age inappropriate materials on the world wide web, this week in 2003.

30 Years ago this week in 1993

Western New York got its first Walmart store, when the retail giant opened on Porter Road in the town of Niagara. (There are currently nine Walmart locations in Erie and Niagara counties).

Meanwhile, just across the border, news crews were descending on the area of St Catharine's with word that Canadian authorities had broken the cases of the murders of two teenage girls, Leslie Mahaffey and Kristen French.

Charged would be Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka, and soon to be learned would be the gruesome details regarding the the rapes, tortures, and murders of the two girls, along with another (Homolka's own sister, Tammy) over a period of time inside the couple's home.

Meanwhile, back in Buffalo, onlookers watched with shock and sadness when a fire destroyed the iconic Little Harlem Hotel, a landmark for Buffalo's African American community for more than 60 years.

The Little Harlem attracted the top stars of black entertainment who stayed there and played there during its storied history.

While there was initially hope of saving at least a portion of the building's façade, the damage was too great and the structure was demolished days later.

Today, a parking lot occupies the spot where the Little Harlem once stood on Michigan Avenue, along with a historical marker noting its importance in the history of the Queen City, until it was lost this week in 1993...when it was all News 2 You.

Credit: WGRZ

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