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News 2 You: the re-birth of Chippewa, waterfront dining at The Pier, and X2000 train in Buffalo

Remembering when those stories and more were all News 2 You.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — 10 years ago this in 2013

A new campaign was launched to promote the Queen City called "Welcome to the New Buffalo." Produced by NYS Empire Development at a cost of more than $100,000, a local advertising executive remarked that despite what the ad lacked in production value, he like it, although he doubted it would convince a business to move here. 

Demonstrators opposed to the continuation of the Niagara falls Air Reserve base as a military installation were proposed that it instead be turned into a giant array of solar panels.

Buddy Nix stepped down as the General manager of the Buffalo Bills and confirmation came that the IRS under the Obama Administration had indeed   been targeting conservative groups.

Credit: WGRZ

20 Years ago this week in 2003

Reporters were on the edge of their seats to finally hear the first hand account of a young hiker and outdoor enthusiast named Aron Ralston who had quite the survival tale to tell.

This weeks News 2 You pop quiz: what extraordinary measure did he take to escape certain death in a canyon, when he had become trapped, in order to escape? (see the end of the video above this story for the answer).

It was the same week James Kopp was sentenced to life in prison for the 1998 sniper slaying of Amherst abortion provider Dr. Barnett Slepian, and when people under 18 seeking to skirt a new state state law forbidding them from getting tattoos were getting around the law by crossing the border and getting them in Canada.

SARS continued to be a big concern in some countries, to the point that bras were being cut up and fashioned into face masks when supplies of surgical masks were exhausted. And there was more exposure of a different sort at Shea's where crowds flocked to see the production of The Full Monty this week in 2003.

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30 Years Ago this week in 1993

The arrival of spring once again drew people to the Outer Harbor to eat and drink at The Pier restaurant. It was the latest incarnation of the dining and drinking establishment which had been formerly known as "Shooters" and "Breakers". Today it is an empty lot where snow is piled from winter storms.

Amtrak brought in a train from Sweden called the "X-2000", to demonstrate the possibilities of high speed rail in upstate New York.

The train, capable at traveling at speed so 150 mph or more, however, was limited to a top speed of 72 MPH due to track conditions in the area.

While attending a demonstration ride from Buffalo to Rochester, NY Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine declared, "a train like the X-2000 is very likely to have a roll in our future." But, three decades later the goal of high speed rail in the region remains elusive.

The 14 story City Centre Condominiums, on Main St near West Chippewa, were just about finished and prepared to welcome its first tenants, as part of an overall rebirth of the Chippewa Strip.

Channel 4 News Anchor Bob Koop announced he had Leukemia and, without a bone marrow match, would undergo radical treatment to save his life.

Koop survived another two years before he passed away at the age of 47, and spent much of the time he had left urging others to get on the bone marrow registry.

Credit: WGRZ
Credit: WGRZ


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