Stressed out at work?

Need a vacation?

Are you planning to take one this summer?

CareerBuilder is out with a new survey that suggests a growing number of Americans aren't making use of down time this year, and if they are, they're staying connected to work.

Here are the highlights of a recently released CareerBuilder survey for 2016:

  • 33 percent of workers said they won’t be taking a vacation this year, down slightly from 35% last year
  • 3 in 10 workers still stay connected with work during vacation
  • Nearly 1 in 5 have left vacation days unused in 2016
  • People in power positions – i.e., senior management and vice presidents – are the least stressed of all workers
  • Women were more likely to report high stress levels at work than men
  • Anger issues at work, depression and sleepless nights are among stress-related symptoms workers say they have experienced.

Speaking of work related stress, the survey also highlighted the impact it is having on American workers.

  • Being tired all the time: 29 percent
  • Sleepless nights: 26 percent
  • Aches and pains: 24 percent
  • High anxiety: 23 percent
  • Weight gain: 18 percent
  • Can't keep things straight in your head: 17 percent
  • Anger issues at work: 16 percent
  • Depression: 15 percent
  • High blood pressure: 10 percent
  • Weak immune system: 6 percent
  • Nausea: 5 percent
  • Hair loss: 5 percent

We took the results of our survey to Dr. Steven Dubovsky who is the Chair of Psychiatry at the University at Buffalo. He says it is vital to create work/life balance, and to make the most of off time and vacation time.

"Don't take your cell phone. Turn off your email. Put on that little thing that says I'm out of my office... the automatic reply.

There's nobody that's that crucial that if you don't respond right now, something horrible is going to happen. Have that established in advance.

If you've taken that down time, you'll be more effective at the job you do. Pretending that 'if I just keep going I can do anything' it's a deception. There's nobody that is that powerful or that effective... you're just kidding yourself."