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How your overall heart health is impacted when watching Bills games

2 On Your Side caught up with a cardiologist who says no one has ever had a real heart attack from watching, but your heart rate is something to monitor.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Any true Bills fan has felt the anxiety a game can have, especially during bad calls and those final moments during fourth quarter.

So it may come as no surprise to most fans watching Bills games that it can truly have an affect on your overall heart health.

2 On Your Side caught up with Dr. Gerry Gacioch, the head of Cardiology at Rochester Regional Health, who says no one has ever had a real heart attack from watching one of the games, but your heart rate is something to keep an eye on.

"For people who have heart disease, emotionally stressful games like the end of the Indy game a couple weeks ago, and it was pretty emotional, can induce chest pain, can induce angina, the same as going for a walk or run," Dr. Gacioch said.

He reminds people excessive stress is something to watch out for in any aspect of their life. For example, the COVID pandemic has been stressful for a lot of people.

Dr. Gacioch says Bills games can provide an outlet for people who are stressed.

Though games can have their stressful moments, when the Bills do win, it can actually be very good for our hearts, in more than one way, of course.

"I actually think the Bills winning has been fantastic for Western New York. It gives us something to be happy about. I was at the game last Saturday and everybody was in a great mood, laughing, happy, which is good for your total body but absolutely for the heart," Dr. Gacioch said.

He says he also has a theory that true Buffalo Bills who have watched the seasons they have had over the last 30 years can handle anything thrown at them at this point.