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Damar Hamlin in national PSA for American Heart Association

Hamlin is the national ambassador for the American Heart Association's 'Nation of Lifesavers."

BUFFALO, N.Y. — This season the Buffalo Bills is working with the American Heart Association to help improve the chance of surviving cardiac arrest in our community. Over the past year, the Bills learned first-hand the impact of cardiac arrest after Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field IN January.

Now the Bills Safety is spreading the message in a new national PSA highlighting the importance of AED access and hands-on CPR training.

"I've teamed up with the American Heart Association as a national ambassador to help create a nation of lifesavers changing bystanders to lifesavers," Hamlin says in the PSA.

Nine months ago, Hamlin collapsed on the field in Cincinnati suffering from cardiac arrest. That terrifying event was the spark that ignited the American Heart Association's "Nation of Lifesavers" campaign and the Association says they have seen a 620% increase in people wanting to learn CPR.

"The chance of survival for an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is really devastating. Only one in ten people will survive. And that's in part because people are hesitant to jump in during a cardiac emergency," says Jennifer Pratt, National Account Director for the American Heart Association.

Hands-only CPR only focuses on chest compressions and is just as effective in a teenager and adult in the first few critical minutes.

Pratt says hands-only CPR is only two steps. "Call 911 and get an AED. And push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives."

If you're interested in attending a CPR training event or learning more you can visit heart.org/buffalobillscpr.

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