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Women report challenging side effects when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines

CDC reports state women are experiencing more lingering side effects than men when it comes to COVID vaccines

BUFFALO, N.Y. — According to the CDC, not only have more women been vaccinated against COVID-19, but by and large, women are reporting that they are experiencing more challenging side effects to COVID vaccines than men.

Dr. Emmekunla Nylander is an OBGYN at Buffalo OBGYN and says she is hearing from patients that they are suffering from longer lasting side effects, including brain fog and significant fatigue. 

"I noticed that a lot of patients took a while, a few days to recover," Nylander said.

As for men, what about their side effects?

Nylander says, pain at the injection site and brief flu-like symptoms seem to be common amongst men. 

That said, every patient is different.

The CDC is reporting that when it comes to who is getting vaccinated more, the numbers speak for themselves. 

Compared to men, 15.4 percent more women have received single dose vaccines. As for double dose vaccines, like Moderna, 18.8 percent more women have been vaccinated than men.

Carrie Fisher is a physician's assistant at Urban Family Practice and says as she has certainly seen more women getting vaccinated than men, a big reason for that, Fisher said, is women are often times the caretakers. 

"When it comes to the day to day, women tend to show up more for their monthly appointments, unfortunately, I think men tend to put these off more than they should," Fisher expressed.

Bottom line, healthcare professionals agree, discussing concerns with your doctor, whether man or a woman, is key when it comes to getting vaccinated.