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What to expect when you go to the movies

It's been several months since New Yorkers have been able to go to the movies, and a lot has changed.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Friday is the day a lot of Western New Yorkers have been for. They will finally be able to go see a movie at an indoor theater. 

With guidance from New York State, most theaters in Western New York will be following CinemaSafe guidelines when they reopen. 

Here's what you can expect: 


Most places allow you to purchase tickets online before you go, so you can avoid that person-to-person contact. Some theaters, however, will allow you to buy tickets in-person. 


The concession counter will be open for people who want to grab some popcorn, snacks, or a drink before the show. There will be signs on the floor to make sure you're keeping a proper distance from others in line. There will be Plexiglas barriers between you and the cashier. When you pay, it's recommended that you use a credit or debit card or mobile payment instead of cash to reduce the amount of items you and the employee have to touch. 


Gov. Andrew Cuomo is requiring theaters to reduce the amount of people allowed in the theaters, and assign seats for every showing. Larger theaters such as AMC and Regal allow you to pick your seats when you buy your tickets online. If you're going to a smaller local theater, you'll be assigned a seat when you get there. 


Masks will be required for every customer. You will need to wear it throughout your entire stay except when you're sitting at your seats and eating. If you have to get up to get more food or go to the bathroom during the movie, you'll need to put it back on. 

If you forget any of the protocols, additional employees will be on staff to make sure everyone is following the rules.