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Wegmans looks for customer feedback amid coronavirus pandemic

The company wants to know how customers feel about how comfortable they are with certain food items. It is trying to find out what the new normal will be.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Because of the coronavirus, Wegmans is trying to figure out how it should go about making potential changes in its stores.

Wegmans customers who have signed up to be a so-called Wegmans insider have recently gotten a survey to find out their comfort level with certain food options.

For example, how comfortable they would be buying a bagel or a cookie that's not packaged versus being packaged, cold and hot foods in the open, and Wegmans Mediterranean bar.

We asked for an interview with Wegmans, but we weren't granted one.

Instead, the company sent us a statement saying it is starting to test different ways to bring back self-serve items. It added that the company is trying to find out what the new normal will be and, through these surveys, find out what customers are looking for.

Here's the full statement from a Wegmans spokesperson:

"We rely on our Insider Surveys as another channel to receive feedback from our customers and gauge what they're looking for. Their input is essential to us as we look to serve all our customers. As we look to find the new normal during this time, it's important to understand what are customers need and want. Prior to coronavirus, we had a number of self-serve bars/options in our stores, and we're starting to test different ways to bring those items back. Take for example, our self-serve Mediterranean bars and bakeshop cookies sold by the pound. While we have packaged Med bar items and bakeshop cookies available, we are testing a full-serve option that allows our customers to pick and choose exactly what they want."

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