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Wegmans gives workers $2 an hour raise during March, April

The additional pay is 'for all the hard work during this crisis.'

BUFFALO, N.Y. — At a time when worker safety is at a premium, Wegmans is giving its workers raises during a time of need.

Wegmans spokesperson Michele Mehaffy confirmed Saturday evening that employees will receive an additional $2 an hour during March and April "for all the hard work during this crisis."

As more COVID-19 cases pop up around Western New York, more people are racing to their nearby grocery stores, which prompted Wegmans to amend its policies and practices to include social distancing measures.

On Thursday, customers checking out began to stand behind a red line until the customer being cashed out is done.

If paying in cash, customers will be asked to place the money down on the signing shelf eliminating any hand to hand contact with the cashier. The cashier will then put the receipt in the bag.

Once the transaction is complete, the cashier will then completely sanitize the area before the next customer is allowed to unload their groceries and begin the check out process.

Mehaffy adds that also, where possible, only every other checkout lane will be open. These measures will take place at all Wegmans stores and are being rolled out throughout the course of the day.

Wegmans has already reduced its hours and limited the number of a list of items customers can purchase at one time.

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