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Local business owners try to prepare for reopening

Developer Rocco Termini says the uncertainty is one of the biggest concerns right now.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — With Phase 2 of the Western New York region's re-opening set to begin as early as Tuesday, many business owners are gearing up. For developer and entrepreneur Rocco Termini, it has been an ongoing process.

He has been able to restart some construction, such as a Tappo Parking lot on Chandler Street. But many things are up in the air. Termini's pool club project across Chandler Street is on hold, now expected to open next year. A big bulk of his business holdings revolve around hotels, restaurants and banquet facilities, so they won't begin to reopen until Phases 3 and 4. He said the biggest challenge right now is the uncertainty of what that will look like when that does happen. 

"But we don't know if there's going to be any travelers for business," Termini said. "Everyone's doing using Zoom so why do you want to fly people around the country if you can do a zoom call for a few cents, why spend all that money? You don't know if there are going to be any leisure travelers. A big part of our business is weddings, when are they going to allow weddings and banquets to start up again? and what are the rules gonna be?".

Termini said one thing that has worked out well for them during this pause has been their take out and brewery businesses, they have seen steady beer sales throughout.

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