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Got plans on going to Canada? Be ready to show you're fully vaccinated at certain indoor locations

Proof of ID and COVID vaccination is now required to get into places such as bars, nightclubs, indoor waterparks, casinos, and movie theaters in Ontario.

NIAGARA FALLS, ON — If you have any plans on crossing the border and going into Canada, you'll have to show proof of vaccination against the coronavirus if you go into certain places. 

Ontario, as of Wednesday, put into effect a vaccine mandate inside certain businesses and establishments. 

Those who are traveling into Canada need to already be fully vaccinated and show a negative COVID test. 

Proof of ID and vaccination in Ontario is now required to get into places such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs, indoor waterparks, casinos, and movie theaters. 

The vaccine mandate does not apply to outdoor attractions. 

Jim Diodati, the mayor of the City of Niagara Falls in Ontario, says reaction has been mixed. 

"Some people are very upset, very frustrated. We expect it because no one likes change, but our biggest concern is, as we're going to start going into the colder months and more indoor, we made amazing gains, and as I said, 80 percent of eligible Canadians are fully vaccinated," Diodati said. 

People can provide proof of their fully vaccinated status through documentation or by providing a picture of their vaccination card on their phone. 

"People are upset because it takes longer. I mean, myself, I went to the convention center, and I have to go through the screening process, I have to show proof of vaccination, so what people are doing now is they're using their vaccination status and making it their screen saver on their smartphone so they have it instantly," Diodati said. 

Proof of vaccination in Ontario is not required to go into retail stores or to go into businesses to place an order or for pick up. 

Proof of vaccination is also not required for children under the age of 12, because they are not eligible to be vaccinated, and for those who have proof from their doctor of a medical exemption. 

This comes as KeyBank Center and Highmark Stadium will require fans to be at least partially vaccinated in order to get in starting this weekend. You have to be fully vaccinated to get into those venues starting October 31.

Next month, the government of Ontario says a COVID-19 vaccine verification app will be made available.

Here is a link to more information on Ontario's vaccine mandate. 

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