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New order mandates those coming to New York from designated states check in with local authorities

New York State issues an emergency health order to help enforce mandatory two-week quarantining.

NEW YORK — If you are coming to New York, or back to New York, from one of nearly 20 high-risk states, you will now be required to check in with local authorities once you arrive.

On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an emergency health order mandating those out-of-state travelers provide contact information to help enforce a mandatory two week quarantine.

A New York State Department of Health table was set up before security at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport on Monday. Forms were on the table for travelers to fill out with their contact information and quarantine location details.

In a release, the governor's office said the Buffalo Niagara International Airport will have an enforcement team of NYS Department of Health peace officers and New York State Police.

If you leave the airport without filling out a location form, you will receive a summons. The governor says enforcement is up to each individual airport.

"If you leave the airport without filling out the information not only can you get a 2,000 dollar fine, you can be brought to a hearing and be ordered to complete mandatory quarantine" Cuomo said.

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Cuomo cited a new outbreak in Rensselaer County after three residents tested positive after returning from Georgia. None of the three had reported their arrival after returning. Two of the three work in nursing homes and were only identified as the result of the state's weekly mandatory testing.

If you travel by bus, train or car you are required to fill out the form online.

A spokesperson for New York State Police released a statement about enforcement.

"As with any of the Governor's orders relating to COVID-19, if troopers become aware of an issue they will educate those involved about the requirements and take appropriate action, if necessary."

Erie County Commissioner of Health Dr. Gale Burstein is asking people to cancel plans to designated high-risk states.

"We are begging people, please if you have a trip planned to one these high risk states don't go and if you do, come back please report yourselves to the State Health Department or to the Erie County Health Department and stay in quarantine," Burstein said.

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