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Western New Yorkers participate in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials

There are promising new COVID-19 vaccines showing signs of success in the later phases of trials. Some Western New Yorkers are taking part in clinical trials.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — When a Niagara Falls mother came across an ad for a clinical trial, she decided to give it a try and sign up. Jenny, 48, is now one of hundreds of people participating in a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial through the Rochester Clinical Research Institute.

"They explained that the vaccine was not a live vaccine, that it was a synthetic form of it," Jenny said. 

This fall she received her first shot. 

"For the first week I had to go online to a study hub," Jenny said. "I had to take my temperature three times a day. I had to monitor my heart rate and my blood pressure and I had to report if I was having any side effects, if my arm was swelled up."

Side effects can include fever, chills and muscle aches.

Jenny said she only felt extremely tired after the first day, since then she hasn't had any issues.

Adam Larrabee, president of The Rochester Clinical Research said over 700 people have signed up to participate in the clinical  trials. 

"Without a clinical trial and volunteers in a community, there will never be a vaccine that's why it's so important that people in Buffalo, Rochester participate so we can have multiple vaccines," Larrabee said.

It is a double-blind study so neither the participants nor the experimenters know who is receiving a particular treatment.  

"It's important for people to know that while there is a chance for a placebo, everybody that does participate will eventually receive the vaccine," Larrabee said.

Jenny said she receives a stipend for travel. She understands some people are on the fence about taking a vaccine, but she thinks everyone should keep an open mind.

People can still sign up for a vaccine trial through the Rochester Clinical Research Institute. 

Larrabee added, "We need people of diverse backgrounds. African Americans, Hispanics, this disease does not discriminate."

Click here to learn more or call (585) 288-0890.

Jenny is given a stipend for travel to and from Rochester.

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