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Cuomo stresses discipline as New York State combats coronavirus

Cuomo said that the state has gotten 25,000 complaints of people not following social distancing rules and executive orders. He threatened penalties for offenders.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a briefing about where the state stands in terms of reopening, youth sports, and civil rights reforms. 

Sunday marks day 106 of the coronavirus pandemic in New York State.

Right now, the state's focus is on making sure there isn't an uptick in cases following the stages of reopening.

On Saturday, the state saw the lowest daily death to date, with 23 deaths. Seventeen people died in hospitals, and six in nursing homes. 

The total COVID-19 hospitalizations across the state fell to 1,657, which is the lowest number since March 20.

Low-risk youth sports will now be allowed in phase three regions starting July 6. Up to two spectators will be allowed, per child. These sports include baseball, softball, gymnastics, field hockey, cross country and crew. 

The state will also extend its open enrollment for the health care exchange through July 15.

COVID-19 is increasing in 22 states and Puerto Rico, which Cuomo emphasized is a fact we must look at as we reopen. He stressed the need for New York State to proceed with caution.

Cuomo said that the state has gotten 25,000 complaints of people not following social distancing rules and executive orders. Many of these reports come from people witnessing large gatherings, a lack of social distancing, and people not wearing masks.

Manhattan and the Hamptons lead with the most violations.

He added that many of the complaints are about bars and restaurants.

The governor had a message for those establishments: This is a violation of the law, and you are risking your liquor license.

Cuomo reminded individuals that you can also be fined for open containers and social distancing violations.

Police and protesters alike must also wear masks during demonstrations. 

Cuomo emphasized that local governments hold a responsibility to enforce compliance with these laws. If they don't, they risk closures.

"I'm warning today, in a nice way, consequences of your actions," said Cuomo when threatening rolling back the reopening phases if areas of the state don't comply.

He said violations are rampant, and that there's not enough local enforcement of the rules.

Furthermore, Cuomo said, not wearing a mask is disrespectful to the people you could infect as well.

"It is just disrespectful to not wear a mask. It's disrespectful to the healthcare workers and essential workers," Cuomo said. He added that it's disrespectful to the people risking their lives and the workers who died during this pandemic if you're not wearing a mask.

He stressed that New Yorkers need to think about the people they could be passing by when not wearing a mask, such as immunocompromised people battling cancer or living with HIV.

Cuomo then moved into talking about legislation moving through Albany, including:

Two more bills are set to be signed today:

  • Affirming the right to record police activity
  • Launching a new Department of Health study on health impacts of COVID-19 on minorities in New York State

Cuomo also said the state will have a decision about nursing home and group home visitations sometime this week. 

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