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Can you get paid while in quarantine with COVID-19?

A 2 On Your Side viewer wanted to know if they could collect unemployment benefits while staying home with COVID.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — We are getting answers for a 2 On Your Side viewer who sent in a question about collecting unemployment.

Hellen wrote: Recently tested positive for COVID. Am I eligible to collect unemployment? 

2 On Your Side asked a spokesperson with the New York State Department of Labor for answers.

She told us that she cannot give a blanket statement on unemployment claims because everyone's claim is unique, but she sent us a link with information about paid family leave. 

The state's website says most employees will get paid by using a combination of benefits. While it does not mention unemployment benefits, the state says the benefits could include new employer-provided paid sick leave for COVID, Paid Family Leave, and disability benefits.

But if you are able to work remotely while you're quarantined, you won't be able to get these benefits. Depending on the size of your employer, they might be required to give you at least five paid sick days if you're under quarantine or isolation because of COVID.



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