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Flowers from Hamburg farm donated to Western New York hospitals

An anonymous Western New York man bought $10,000 worth of flowers to help keep a Hamburg farm in business.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A Hamburg farm was having trouble after customers canceled big Easter flower orders, so an anonymous Western New Yorker stepped-up and bought $10,000 worth of flowers.

The farm delivered hundreds of flowers to health care workers Friday thanks to that generous donation. Draudt Farm Market in Hamburg said it wouldn't be able to survive if it didn't sell the flowers.

The anonymous man said he would spend the $10,000 with the catch that the flowers had to be donated to Western New York hospitals.

Friday morning, the Draudts delivered 200 spring plant, including tulips, daffodils, and lilies, to Mercy Hospital for those working on the front lines.

The President of Mercy Hospital says he and his staff are grateful.

HAMBURG, N.Y. - Someone who wants to remain anonymous saw the story about a farm that was having trouble selling flowers due to canceled orders. That person decided to spend $10,000 to clear the fields and donate the flowers to Western New York hospitals.

"It does help us see that there's going to be rebirth. There's going to be growth, a flash of color. And in a time where we've all been extremely busy, most of our team, I have to remind them what day it is because, as Sherry mentioned, we're working around the clock seven days a week. Monday doesn't matter. It's, it's every day, and the community really has shown a lot of support for us, and it's much appreciated," says Eddie Bratko, President of Mercy Hospital.

Les Draudt told 2 On Your Side’s Kelly Dudzik on Thursday that he is delivering more flowers to more hospitals next week.

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